2021 NZ Fixed Rate Sustainability Bond Offer

Christchurch City Holdings Limited (CCHL) has made an offer of 5 year unsecured, unsubordinated, fixed rate sustainability bonds in reliance on the Financial Markets Conduct (Christchurch City Holdings Limited Sustainable Bond Offer) Exemption Notice 2021.  This offer is now closed.

Please see below details of the offer, including the terms sheet for the offer.  For any queries, please contact one of the Joint Lead Managers below or your usual financial advisor.


Joint Lead Managers

anz-120.png#asset:524 0800 269 476 westpac-120.png#asset:525 0800 772 142

NZX Pre Offer Announcement

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NZX Revised Indicative Margin Announcement

NZX Further Indicative Margin Revision Announcement

NZX Books Closed Announcement

NZX Interest Rate Set Announcement

Cleansing Notice

Master Trust Deed

Master Trust Deed Amendment 2020

Supplemental Trust Deed

Investor Presentation

Final Terms Sheet

Sustainable Finance Framework

Eligible Asset Register

Pre Issuance Limited Assurance Report